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We collaborate with you at every stage of the creative process.


Finding the right team to work with your brand, C.E.O, and customers can be tough. Our team is experienced in taking care of large brands, including yours. 


We'll join your team and integrate seamlessly to provide

top quality video marketing for your agency. 





Industrial and Infrastructure


Stories That Build Trust

Capture the hearts of your clients

The aspects of life that connect us to our humanity, common purpose, and our drive to create are what we implement into your messaging.

Building truly connected marketing touches on meaning and emotion.

Winning the hearts of your clients builds long-lasting brand loyalty.

Fluke Industry Documentary Video


Houston, TX



High Quality

Corporate Interviews

Studio Lighting, Multi-Camera, Any Subject

Executives, customers, and employees need to look their best and feel comfortable in front of the lens. Our experienced directors and producers will cater to your team's needs to make the filming process fun and inviting.

We spice up your content with our studio essentials and a detailed plan.

All custom-tailored to effectively convey your message.

Your executives are in good hands.

Government official interview video


Seattle, WA


Fanny Mae



Industry Specific Video

We make any industry look their best

Every industry requires a different approach.

Our team will take time with you, sit down, and discuss the details of your work.

We tailor your project to your needs

to ensure your final video looks exactly how you want it to be.

Surgeons wheel out patient in medical documentary video

Medical Video

Businessman delivers keynote in corporate live stream

Corporate Video

Woman receivs spa treatment in lifestyle video

Fashion and Beauty

Construction worker welding in documentary video

Industrial Video

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International Travel Experience

Element 7 is Always Ready to Go Global

We love Seattle, the parks, the skyline, and the people. But often our projects take us all around the world and this has made us expert travelers.

We research customs, understand local laws, and ensure our cameras make it to the shoot. We pride ourselves in making your message reach all around the world.

So far we've stamped our passport in

China, India, Finland, Mexico, Russia, Canada, Europe.

and almost every US State. 

We're ready to travel anytime, anywhere.

Fortive Documentary Video in Beijing, China


Beijing, China


Fortune 500

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