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Our Vision...

Element 7 strives to build a flourishing network of local businesses, non-profits, and film communities.

One elevated by impactful and creative video content.

We see Seattle for the rapidly-growing hot bed that it is, and we are committed to helping establish a prosperous environment for all. Utilizing the best of Washington-grown talent, film and video will thrive as the top option in marketing, informative, and entertainment for creators and consumers alike.

...Our Mission

To supply the Seattle business market with a strong, creative approach to video production. 

To uplift the local film industry and to support our region's uniquely creative storytellers. 

To provide stable platforms and amplify the voices of provoking narratives.


E7 looks to instill our collaborative and flexible approach to creativity with every project we undertake.

We actively create opportunities to support businesses, corporations, and filmmakers.

Our team is passionate about expanding the art we love in the city we cherish. 

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- Founder // CEO -

Element 7 Productions

After traveling the globe producing innovative content for many of the world's largest and most influential brands, Ryan founded Element 7 with a vision to elevate people, deliver outstanding video, and to tell emotionally-driven stories.


He has a strong passion for team building, a commitment to quality and a love for technology.

These qualities empowered Ryan to forge Element 7 into what it is today:

A community built to facilitate the creative growth of its team members and provide a platform
to promote stories large and small.

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- Head of Production / Lead Editor -
Element 7 Productions

Born and raised in the PNW, Gavin Pease has been well involved in the Seattle film scene even before finding his home at Element 7 in its inception.


Gavin’s experience at every stage of production from concepting to shooting & editing has poised him at the helm of many E7 productions.


His eye for detail sharpens his talent for understanding, communicating, and capturing the essence of the stories we tell.

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- Media Producer -
Element 7 Productions

On set shooting one day and crafting an edit timeline the next, Evan is a flexible and knowledgeable member of the E7 team.


Having a handle on the front and back ends of production makes him a versatile player in contributing to varying projects.


His love of arthouse films gives him an intentional style, which proves crucial in translating client feedback to fulfilling results. Under the same guise, he strives to push the envelope in creative opportunities.

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- Business Development Lead -
Element 7 Productions

Holly is the soul of Element 7's outreach & project acquisition. Her involvement in multi-million dollar real estate ventures and business dealings worldwide gives her the perfect blend of tenacity and care needed to drive the development of Element 7 at top gear.

Holly leads E7's administration & finances. She provides us with the strong foundation and novel opportunities to flourish in new environments.

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- Production Manager -
Element 7 Productions

Caroline is hard-at-work behind the scenes, cultivating client relationships and executing smooth productions. The logistics backbone of nearly every Element 7 project since the beginning, she oversees projects from the initial kickoff to the final delivery.

A master at managing details in one hand while fostering E7's VR & 360 Video with the other, Caroline is comprehensive and dedicated towards ensuring projects run without a hitch. All while promoting a positive production experience for all.

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- Jr. Media Producer -
Element 7 Productions

Since discovering his passion for artistic expression & film in his formal studies, Declan has been tirelessly building his encyclopedic knowledge of production gear & techniques.

Organized and innovative, Declan keeps all our heads on straight by managing our vast inventory, providing helpful hands on set, and stepping up to shoulder responsibility in edit crunches.

He's usually the first one in and last one out, showing his devotion to the craft.

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- Jr. Media Producer -
Element 7 Productions

A Washingtonian from birth, Alex grew up watching BTS content more than the movies themselves, studying practices and adopting them.

Alex puts these lessons to action in crewing out and tackling edits, quickly becoming a central player at E7.

Eager to elevate the crew, Alex works to make new processes accessible to everyone at E7. He educates himself on the frontlines of film developments to keep us moving forward.


See Our Team in Action


Element 7 Productions
Cameraman filming Seattle Skyline


Seattle, WA


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Our Founding

Element 7 arrived in 2016 to provide Seattle with a fresh approach to corporate video production.

We saw a need for next level content, and wanted to inject original heart and cinematic creativity into the local marketplace. By creating video that could more effectively connect a brand to their audience emotionally, E7 began its journey.

From humble beginnings, Element 7 has expanded in size and in breadth. We're creating content in every genre of production from corporate to commercial, and from music videos to live events. Our eyes are set on the future still, and we are paving the way towards producing more narrative content for Seattle, and breaking open the possibilities of Virtual Reality.

Using award winning directors that connect personally with subjects we have a record of effectively elevating large brands through motivated storytelling.

At all times we are focusing on that connection.

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Seattle, WA



Community Heart

Being a company that appreciates the entire Seattle community means we produce content for the people.

E7 has history with some of the city's most important non-profits and outreach projects.


Element 7 is a tool to empower individuals, and impactful video is the most compelling way to inspire change and support. We help to spread the good word on endeavors for a greener energy future, ensuring stable futures for children up for adoption, and breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

Inspiring change and support through compelling video production is what we love to do.


The local film market also needs all the support it can get, and we're committed to building it together.

Through partnerships with local universities, we train and assist budding creatives to find their footing in the industry. We donate rental equipment and studio space to select students, low-budget short films, and non-profits at no charge.

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Mt. Rainier, WA



Home In The Pacific Northwest

Washington is a pristine state for video and film production, and we take full advantage of it.

With a wide variety of environments and locations, the scene is always set for a great shoot.


What keeps us refreshed is getting out on the trails, flying drones in the mountains, and sailing the Puget Sound.

Being from the Northwest, we also understand the climate. We shoot rain or shine and pack right to weather all the elements. It's in our name.

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