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We’re your Business' Video  Strategy Partner.

Connecting Real Emotion with Brands

Were focused on delivering what’s exactly right for your business. 

We do a deep dive to develop your value proposition through effective video marketing. 

Wind Turbine Engineer


Connect humanity to your technology. 

Bring thoughtful imagery into focus and let emotion drive customers to your industry. 

There is always a great story to be told within any industry. We will discover that story and bring your customers along for the ride.

Wooden Furnitures


From product video and photography to full-scale commercial production.

Couple stunning visuals with impactful, meaningful stories to effectively

market your goods and

services to your customers

Casual Business Meeting

Corporate Video

We're a pro team and we care for your executives. Well run Interviews allow us to tell your story effectively. 

Element 7's Crew will integrate with your team seamlessly. We take the time to understand your visual language, meet your executives and bring out the best in them.

Brand Story
Told Start to Finish

People want to connect with Real Brands

It's difficult to connect your audience, to tell the story of who you are and why you have the best products and services. We're really good at connecting people to businesses with authenticity.

Wind Energy Customers

Business First...

What do you deliver? Who are your customers?

Your business drives value in the marketplace

Where are you now? Where do you want to be?


Element 7  will collaborate with you to shape an impactful and effective campaign that highlights your vision and your brand story.

Bothell Camera Operator

We Create...

On set is where your vision is realized, and your experience is an important part of the process. You are a valued and active agent in our shooting, making sure we capture the essence of your project.

Element 7 scales to fulfill any production demands, bringing in vetted freelancers tailored to your needs, and building a trusted crew that

delivers come shoot day.

Video Editor

Engaged Customers.

E7 works towards your deadline, no matter how accelerated.

We establish Clear Post-Production Timelines so you know when to expect new reviews, and provide a streamlined feedback process to put

your requests into action fast.

We're also committed to the campaign of video marketing, not just getting you the final product. E7 Editors are ready to provide Alternate Edits, Social Cut-Downs, and Supporting Content to ensure your message is seen

wherever your audience may tune in.



Our client relationships are the backbone of our success.

We're proud to be a trusted partner with some of the biggest brands.

You can trust us becuse they trust us..

Element 7 Productions Clients
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Element 7 Productions Clients
Element 7 Productions Clients
Element 7 Productions Clients
Element 7 Productions Clients
Element 7 Productions Clients
Element 7 Productions Clients
Element 7 Productions Clients
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Element 7 Productions Clients
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