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Blank Slate Cyc Wall and Monitoring Lounge


Studio Specs

Northstar Studio Cyc

White Cyc

Optimized for Creativity and Connectivity

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- 525 Square Feet of Studio Space -
- Monitoring Lounge -
- Catering Available Next-Door -
- 500/500 High Speed Fiber and Guest Wi-Fi -
- Free Crew & Talent Parking -

Our Element 7 Studio is Bothell's only full 90° White Cyc. 30 Minutes from Downtown Seattle.

Interviews, Product Highlights, Live Streams, and Creative Cinematography alike, our space is perfect for Video Production & Photography in the Pacific Northwest.

Customizable Lighting

- 6 Aputure Nova P300c RGB Overhead Grid -

- 1 Aputure Nova P300c RGB Backlight -

- Onsite iPad With Remote Intensity and Color Control -

- Additional G&E Available -

Connection Specs

- 8 SDI Input/Output Ports -

- Feed Routing Throughout Studio & Office -

- Onsite Surface Book With Remote Feed Switching -

- Live Streaming/Switching Nook -


Studio Rental Rates

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5 Hours


Half Day

10 Hours


Full Day

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Photo Shoot Rental

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Monitoring Lounge

Studio Monitoring Lounge

Survey In Style

Only steps away from our E7 Studio Cyc, you can unwind and view your project as it comes to fruition live. Our studio comes equipped with space perfect for shoot supervision, project management, conference meetings, and viewing parties!


With stable SDI routing throughout the studio and office, all camera feeds are readily available to view on any screen. 

Personalize your viewing experience with your logo or event/business branding.

Fluidly switch between camera angles or all-up displays to keep your eyes on the action.

Comfortable Furniture

Comfortable Furniture
& Workspaces

Monitoring Screens

4K 85" Lounge TV
4K 75" Conference Room TV

Custom Graphics

Custom Logo Branding
& GFX Overlays

Coffee & Refreshments

Coffee, Refreshments,
& Craft Services


Catering Available

Northstar Studio Roundtable