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Antioch Adoptions - Reliving the Miracle

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

By Gavin Pease

Countless children are in need of loving families for them to belong to, and Antioch Adoptions is dedicated to connecting the two in harmony.

We were jumping at the chance to produce another volunteer video for the important work that the Adoption Ministry is performing. One of the greatest payoffs of film is sharing impactful stories like this. Over 20 years after its inception, some founding members tell the inspirational story of community.


The foster care system is a ticking clock for youth. If they are not reunified with family members, or chosen to be adopted, they will age out. Acording to the National Foster Youth Institution, it is estimated that over 23,000 children age out of foster care every year in the U.S., 20% of which become instantly homeless. Seattle is in the midst of its own Homeless Crisis, and to add more innocent children to the growing public issue is unthinkable. There are many obstacles on the road to adoption and avoidance of an underprivaliged life, and unfortunately one of the main reasons is money.

Community Efforts

Antioch Bible Church saw this erroneous obstacle and put themselves to work. The leadership took it upon themselves to overcome the financial barrier, and join children with families who were seeking to adopt, but could not afford it.

Ignited by the inspiration he found in the Parable of Talents, Pastor Ken Hutcherson brought the power to the people. He preached the sermon to his congregation, and set forth the plan to raise the funds. Each member of the church would be given $10 to invest, grow, and return in 6 months time. The result was truly miraculous...

Involved Filmmaking

This fundraising promo is our latest effort to give back to our community at Element 7. The emotional short-form documentary was made as a volunteer effort at no cost to our friends with Antioch. Element 7 Productions is thrilled to support organizations making meaningful change. To learn more about the impactful non-profits we have right here in the Northwest, visit Washington Non-Profits.

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